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Bicycle Accidents Financial Recovery Help
Bicycle Accidents Financial Recovery Help

San Diego Bicycle Accident Lawyer

San Diego Bicycle Accident Lawyer Help – Hire Experienced & Best Crash Law Firm To Get The Highest Compensation

A San Diego bicycle accident lawyer also known as an auto accident or personal injury attorney is a lawyer who helps those involved in any related bike accident recover monetary compensation for their injuries or property damage.

So if you have been involved in a bike accident that is not or partially your fault then it is recommended that you hire a San Diego bicycle accident attorney asap to recover compensation for your injuries.

The right bicycle accident lawyer can help you get all kinds of recoveries for your crash.

Some of the recoveries a San Diego bicycle accident lawyer can help you get financial recovery for include but not limited to:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages
  • Property damages
  • Hospital bills
  • Loss of income 
  • Loss of consortium

Common Causes San Diego Bicycle Accidents

The distinctive aspect of bicycle accident cases, include Roadway designs, California vehicle laws, bike designs etc. In most bicycle accidents, a negligent or daydreaming automobile driver is at the mistake. Few common types of bicycle collision with a human or property include:

  • A driver suddenly has frontage with a bicyclist
  • A driver fails to give way at a junction
  • Failing to stop at a signal or red light
  • A driver’s carelessness while driving past a bicyclist
  • A driver driving after consuming drugs or alcohol

It is well known that cyclists and motorists share a common road. Now it’s up to them to treat each other with respect and care or vice-versa.

A bicyclist riding on a sidewalk or crosswalk has the same rights and duties as that of a pedestrian. A cyclist cycling after sunset should be equipped with a light on the front which exhibits a white light.

If a rider or person along for the ride is under 16 years, he must put on a bicycle helmet which is properly fastened, fitted and is as per the safety standards.

If you find yourself involved in a bicycle accident that is caused by someones else negligence please speak with a San Diego bicycle accident lawyer.

An accident attorney can help you determine who is really at fault.

How To Avoid Bike Accident at Crossings

Intersections are more prone to accidents because of many reasons. A few are: The cars misjudge the speed of cyclists and in many cases, the cars don’t expect bikes to be on the road which often leads to mishap or collision between the two.

To be on a safer side, the cyclist should exercise the following precautions:

  • They should wear bright colored clothes and their bicycle should be equipped with front and rear lamps
  • One should be watchful while driving, which is one of the legal compliance also.

What to Do After a San Diego Bicycle Accident 

  • One should wait for the police to arrive if it is a minor one
  • Put in your best efforts to get your side of the story into the investigation report
  • If possible, try to get the driver information like his/her address, his contact number, driving license number and other vehicle details
  • Try to seek for medical treatment as soon as possible and get them documented
  • Always take photographs of the site of the accident and your injuries
  • And always seek advice from an experienced San Diego bicycle accident lawyer

What’s Next? Get Connected With Bicycle Accident Lawyers in San Diego Area

No one wakes up and wants to be involved in a crash injury. However, if you or a loved one was involved in a bicycle accident that you or they were not at-fault please call now to see what your options are in getting compensated by speaking to bicycle accident lawyer in San Diego area.

The right experienced San Diego bicycle accident lawyer that represents victims in the area will generally have better resources than yourself to get you higher financial compensation.

Do not fight the insurance companies alone.

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Bicycle Accidents Financial Recovery Help
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