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San Diego Car Accident Lawyers
San Diego Car Accident Lawyers

San Diego Car Accident Attorneys

The best auto accident attorneys with aggressive litigation experience can get you the highest financial compensation for San Diego motor vehicle crash injuries!

Hiring experienced San Diego car accident lawyers with negotiation and litigation skills should be your goal after an automobile accident in San Diego city or county.

The right San Diego car accident attorneys should be able to help you maximize your settlement offers for both fatal and fender benders accidents.

Often times when people are involved in any type of traffic accident in the city, they will assume that it might be too small to seek financial compensation or car accident lawyer representation.

It is important to understand that you can get compensated for your injuries even if it is a simple minor fender bender accident stemming from bicycles, motorcycles, trains, buses, boats, or trucks, etc.

One of the reasons it is important to a seek San Diego auto accident lawyer help during even a minor injury stemming from a fender bender crash is that you might feel the pains a few months later and there is the state status of limitation that might prevent you from seeking compensation at that time so you want to make sure that your right is protected by seeking the help of a law firm on time.

It is sad that accidents will happen, especially in San Diego county where a lot of accidents happen. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, over 21000 people in San Diego in 2016 alone were either killed or injured in a motor vehicle accident.

When you or a loved one is injured in one of these accidents, the best you can do is to protect your right and seek compensation for pains and suffering.

Benefits of hiring San Diego car accident lawyers?

Contacting and hiring an accident lawyer in San Diego who has secured thousands or millions of dollars in financial compensation for their clients from the negligence of others is very important for both your serious and minor accident injuries(fender bender injuries).

One of the reasons to seek help from lawyers who handle crash injuries even the small ones is that insurance companies are very notorious in trying to give small or no compensation for serious injuries or fender benders whiplashes. So you need someone on your side who knows how to negotiate with insurance companies and not scared to take them to court.

Here are other benefits of why you should hire San Diego car accident lawyers for your case:

  • Treatment: Crash lawyers can help you get treatment for your injury form caring physicians or chiropractors to treat you before your case settles
  • Pre-settlement loans: Injury attorneys can help you avoid financial difficulty when unable to work because of your accident injuries by helping you get a personal injury loan before your case settles.
  • Holding party accountable: If you hire a smart law firm they can aggressively hold all parties that caused your injury accountable. For example. your lawyer can also seek compensation from the city if a bad sign helped cause the accident.
  • Get you all kinds of compensation: They can get you a financial settlement for all types of damages you are not aware of. For example, you can be compensated for your cellphone or laptop that got damaged when the accident happened.
  • Excellent negotiators: Highly experienced and skilled accident law firms have excellent negotiating skills that will get you high compensation. Most injury cases don’t go to trial so you need someone who has negotiation skills representing you.
  • Trial skills: The right experienced ones are not afraid to fight insurance companies in the courtroom. They have both aggressive negotiation and trial skills.

San Diego car accident injuries you can file a claim for

There are many injuries related to a car accident that lawyers can help you get compensated for. Some of these injuries are minor and some are very serious. The minor injuries can go away over time but serious injuries can stay with a victim for years or the rest of their life. Below are just some of the injuries related to an auto accident that San Diego car accident attorney can help you with:

  • Death
  • Back & Neck Injuries
  • Head & Brain Injuries
  • Cut & Laceration
  • Minor and Permanent Burns
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Headaches
  • Broken Bones
  • Lost of Foot and Limbs
  • Whiplash

Damages you can recover after motor vehicle accidents

A San Diego auto and car accidents occur often so getting help from the right law firm is very very important in maximizing your compensation and helping you with your financial burdens. You are entitled to compensations under the state law for your injuries.

The best cause of action after an accident is to hire an experienced attorney who can help you maximize your damage claim. There are just many things you can recover that you are probably not aware of that the right skilled attorney or law firm can get you settlements for. Here are just some of the damages an personal injury lawyers can help you recover:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Loss of income and future employment opportunities
  • Punitive damages
  • Loss of consortium
  • Car repair cost
  • Property damages – besides your car, you can recover damages for laptops or cellphone that was damaged when in that accident
  • Emotional and physical pain & suffering

How are auto accident lawyers paid?

Some people may not be aware that when involved in an auto or car accident in the county that they do not have to pay their lawyer or law firm to handle their case initially.

San Diego car accident attorney typically handles auto accident cases on a contingency fee arrangement basis which means that you will not be charged until your case is won. This should give you peace of mind and focus on your recovery instead of worrying about how you can afford to pay for legal representation.

The average contingency fee arrange is between 33% to 40%. How much attorneys take from your settlement usually depend on a  number of factors such as:

  • Type of injury
  • Whether your case will go to trial or not
  • Both the negotiating and trial experience of the legal professional representing you
  • Your negotiation skill

Personal Injury state status of limitation

One of the most horrible things that might happen to a car accident victim is when he or she is ready to file a lawsuit for their injury or damages, but they can’t because they have missed a deadline to do so. In California, this is known as the California status of limitations.

San Diego follows the state law on personal injury recoveries status of limitations, so if you miss this deadline your case will generally be denied by the court. It is your responsibility to be aware of this law.

The law basically states there you have two (2) years from the date of the accident to file an injury claim. And three (3) years to file a claim for property damage.

You also want to be aware that if your injury or accident was caused by a county, city, or state government entity, you have about six (6) months from the date of the incident to file your claim. Call an auto accident attorney immediately to help you calculate when your time started.

If you miss your deadline it is extremely hard to file your case but there are exceptions such as using the “discovery rule.” When you speak with an attorney they can go over those with you if you are at risk of missing the status of limitations.

The state comparative negligence rule

Do you know that you can file a damage recovery claim after an accident in the city or county even if you are partially at fault.? The state has what is called comparative negligence or fault law. This law basically states that one can get compensated for an injury even if they are partially responsible for the accident. So basically your compensation will be based on the amount of your contribution to the accident.

For example, if you are a victim of an auto accident and the defense claim that you contributed to the accident 100%, with a smart and skilled personal injury legal professional, they can investigate and if it shows that the defense was at fault for 20% and you at fault for 80%of the accident, they will pursue a claim for you. And if you they present those evidence and you win then you will get compensated for that portion of the defense fault.

Your legal representative should also fight to make sure that insurance defense attorneys do not shift more blame to you as to reduce their compensation. Some insurance companies and their lawyers are notorious for using the same law to reduce settlement payout to accident victims.

The common causes of car accidents in San Diego

In their 2017 report for the 2016 national fatal accident data, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that including speeding, alcohol impairment, and not wearing seat belts are the leading causes of fatal accidents in the country.

The truth is that San Diego County leading causes of accidents are speeding and DUI related just as mentioned in the national report.

Even though there are many situations that could cause an auto or car accident in San Diego County, the following is the list of the most common causes:

  • Speeding
  • Automobile defects
  • Drunk driving or under the influence driving
  • Badly constructed roads
  • Weather condition
  • Reckless and negligence drivers
  • Distracted drivers

Whatever that is the cause of the accident, you deserve to get compensated for a crash that is not your fault or partially your fault. You have rights and there are laws that say that you should get compensated for your injuries. Always seek the counsel and help of accident attorneys to be your advocate and get you the settlements that you deserve.

Contact a San Diego car accident attorney now!

Whether your serious car accident or fender bender was caused by someone else or a shared fault, by contacting and hiring the right experienced San Diego car accident lawyers, you can get compensated handsomely for both emotional, financial, and physical sufferings.

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Let a motor vehicle accident pro do the heavy lifting for you while you focus on getting better from the trauma of being involved in an accident.



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