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San Diego Dog Bite Lawyers
San Diego Dog Bite Lawyers

San Diego Dog Bite Lawyers

The Best Dog Bite Attorney Is Needed If Your Goal Is To Maximize Your San Diego Dog Bite Injury Compensation.

Having a San Diego dog bite lawyer or personal injury recovery law firm on your side should be to your best interest and a top priority on your San Diego animal attack & dog bites claim case.

The right experienced San Diego dog bite attorney can help get you a recovery for loss of income and punitive damages etc.

A dog bite lawyer can also help you get treatment before your case settles.

Animal attacks and dog bites in San Diego can cause serious injuries even though animals and dogs are supposed to be our friends.

As much as we wish that everybody is safe with dogs and animals, but the real world, no matter how careful we are and how much we love animals they do attack us sometimes.

When this happens, contact the best skilled San Diego dog bite lawyers near you to help you get recoveries for the negligence of the animal owner.

The truth is that every one of us may meet an animal attack along the way to walk, work, gym, grocery, and at the park etc. When this happens you might get injured by them. Please read below to learn more about the law and ways a dog bite lawyer can help protect your rights.

San Diego Dog Bite & Animal Attack Law

San Diego County has a “leash law” that mandates that dog owners have to put their dog on a leash when out in the public. There is also the California Civil Code section 3342 law which says that animal & dog owners can be held liable to damages caused by their dog or animal to another person.

An experienced San Diego dog bite lawyer will use these laws to file a civil claim on your behalf and get you compensation. Personal injury claims can be complex so being represented by a professional who is skilled in handling dog bite and animal attack cases will make a difference in how much you can get for your injuries and emotional suffering.

When you consult with a dog bite lawyer he or she will make you aware of other law like the “one bite rule” that can be used to get you compensation.

What To Do After A Dog Bite Incident

When you are involved in a San Diego dog bit or other animals attack incident there are different actions you should take to protect your health and legal rights. Some of those actions are:

  1. Seek medical attention as soon as possible – even if your bike is minor you should still go to a hospital as you might get some infections later if you don’t
  2. Contact a dog bite lawyer to know your rights and get representation
  3. Call the police to write an incident report
  4. Get all the information about the dog and the owner
  5. Take picture of your injuries, the dog, the owner, and the area if you not serious injured
  6. Find other witnesses and get their information if you can and not seriously injured
  7. Call animal services if the animal still poses danger to the public

Other Things To Keep In Mind

There are other few things to keep in mind when it comes to a San Diego dog bite or animal attacks such as the state status of limitations and comparative negligence.

In other to recover damages for your injury you need to file your case with two years starting from the date of the incident otherwise you will lose the right to file your case and recover any damage.

California has a law known as comparative negligence which basically assigns fault to each part on an injury or accident. So even if you are at fault you can still get compensated. The San Diego dog bite lawyer you will speak with or hire will help you determined this and use this when fighting to get you a claim.

Another thing to know is that most personal injury lawyers in the state and county represent victims of injuries including dog bites on a contingency basis. This means that you will not pay your lawyer unless they win the case for you.

Types Of Animal Attacks in San Diego

There are all kinds of animal attacks in San Diego. Below are some of the animal that can bite and injure you:

  • Dog Bites
  • Cat Bites
  • Snake Bites
  • Rat Bite
  • and many other pet attacks

Contact San Diego Dog Bite Attorneys For Free Consult Today!

If you or a loved one has been bitten or attacked by a dog or other animals you can get compensated for your injuries. The best-recommended option is to consult with an experienced San Diego dog bites lawyer for help dealing with the defendant and insurance companies. Call us to speak with a legal professional today. The call is free to be connected with a San Diego dog bite attorney.



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