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San Diego Truck Accident Lawyers
San Diego Truck Accident Lawyers

San Diego Truck Accident Lawyers

Hiring the right truck accident lawyer near you can really determine the amount of financial compensation you get for your San Diego truck crash injury case.

Those who get maximum injury settlement do something right: hired one of the best San Diego truck accident lawyers.

Because of how complex injury laws are, San Diego truck accident attorneys services is needed to ensure that ones right is protected. Your priority as a truck accident victim should be to maximize your claims.

Who San Diego Truck Accident Lawyers?

A San Diego truck accident lawyer is a personal injury attorney who legally represents accident victims in pursuing financial compensation and civil lawsuits against those responsible. If your goal is to maximize your big rigs, 18 wheelers, and semi truck crash injury lawsuit then an experienced San Diego truck accident attorney representation is an absolute must.

These lawyers are also referred to as tort or trial attorneys and they can get you compensation even if you are at fault by using the state comparative negligence or fault law.

Why Is Hiring a Lawyer Important For Injury Cases?

Truck accidents ae deadly, s a matter of fact according analysis of data from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), 4,136 people died in large truck collissions in 2018 alone.

for San diego, the California High Way Patrol, San Diego averages about 15 fatal truck accidents per year and 275 injuries from truck accidents per year.

These stats illustrates just how deadly San Diego truck crashes are.

The county and city highways encounter multiple trucks crash weekly. Each day or week you might see a truck lying in a jack-knife position or other cars totaled and victims bleeding from this type of accidents.

Part of the causes is that truck drivers carry pounds of weight in their truck and usually, they are drunk while driving or tired from fatigue. So typically it is their fault.

Even though truck drivers may be at fault, their insurance carrier will try to blame you or low ball you. To ensure that you avoid being low balled by the insurance companies You should always consult with a San Diego truck accident attorney to see what your options are in establishing fault, investigations, and the types of recoveries you can seek.

Some people when they get involved in an accident like a truck will question the need for an attorney whether they are injured or not. Well, here are the benefits of hiring an experienced and skilled lawyer for truck crashes:

  • Ensuring that your right is protected at all time
  • Get your medical treatment before your case settles
  • Investigate the accident and collect witnesses
  • Making sure that you sue the right parties involved in your accident
  • Negotiate better settlement by seeking financial payments on things you didn’t know you can claim
  • Experience in court which is helpful if your case ends up in trial
  • You may not be seriously injured but an attorney can still help you recover future injuries
  • Provide advice and emotional support

Typical Trucl Accident Lawyers Fees Arrangement

As with everything in life, we all want to know the price of it before we buying it. San Diego truck accident attorneys services are no different.

A huge majority of these lawyers charge their legal fees based on the contingency fee arrangement. This basically means that they only charge their client when they recover a financial settlement.

This is why you see a lot of these attorneys advertising a NO WIN NO FEE representation.

So, what percentage will the lawyer get after my case settles? The attorney’s contingency fee arrangement for truck accidents ranges from 25% to 45%. And there are many factors that determine what percentage the attorney will take from your settlement.

Some of these factors are:

  • Whether or not the case will go to trial
  • If a lot of experts and witnesses needs to be hired
  • The severity of your injury
  • The experience of the truck accident lawyer or law firm
  • How big the law firm is – bigger law firms tend to charge more than a solo attorney

Who is Responsible & Damage Recovery

When a truck accident takes place in San Diego, a loss of life or property damage or both will occur.

If the accident was caused by a commercial truck, according to the rule of vicarious liability, the employer is responsible for every wrong done by his employees as it is a bit obvious that everybody is well aware with the name of the company rather than the name of any particular employee.

And if there is any problem in machinery or brake system of truck responsibility lies with the manufacturer if the truck is new. And besides that if any, a technical error is there in an old truck, it is the employee’s responsibility to inform his employer.

Damage occurred to a victim through these truck accidents are usually paid by the employers’ insurance and not by the drivers. When you hire an accident law firm, they will use their skills to help you establish responsibility legally and seek compensation. Compensation includes all these losses in a truck accident:

  • If victim death occurs during an accident
  • Property loss
  • If the victim got hurt,
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional suffering
  • punitive damages
  • future and past loss of income
  • past and future medical bills

Most times, the employers’ insurance company will try to law ball truck accident victims. However, if you hire an experienced truck accident attorney in your area to represent you, your rights will be protected.

Common Causes Of Truck Accidents In San Diego 

There are different reasons why San Diego truck accidents are so common. These reasons are:

  •  These truck drivers drive really fast during night hours
  • They are drunk as they are supposed to travel daily they inculcate a habit of drinking
  • The amount of load these trucks carry sometimes is far more than their own weight and while applying brakes, they turn around due to so much of the weight they have within them
  • Improper loading
  • Fatigue from driving long hours
  • Bad weather
  • Poor fleet maintenance
  • Manufacturer issues such as brake failure

If you have been injured by a truck that is not your fault seek legal advice and representation. The San Diego truck injury lawyer that you hire can help you determine your injury cause, seek treatment for you, and get compensation from the trucker insurance.

Speak With San Diego Truck Accident Attorneys Today!

Often time people do not know what to do after a truck accident in San Diego. The best-recommended thing to do is to find one of the best experienced truck accident lawyers that you feel comfortable with. A lawyer who has the experience, aggressiveness, and the best strategies that will get you the highest compensation for your injuries or property damages. Get connected with an accident professional for a free consultation. There is no charge to call the number 619-493-1191. 

Key Terms [ Legal glossary]

Truck Accident – A trucking accident is an automobile collision that involves both personal and commercial semi-trucks, big rigs,18 wheelers, and tractors.

Personal Injury – Personal injury can be defined as a physical injury to one’s body or mind. In law personal injury cases fall under tort law. which allows the plaintiff to recover damages for the defendant negligence. Popular personal injury cases are car accidents, motorcycle accidents, DUI accidents, and truck accidents etc. Lawyers who handle personal injury claims are known as personal injury lawyers or attorneys.

Contingency Fees Agreement – This is an agreement between a lawyer and their client that states the percentage amount a lawyer will receive if he or she wins a case.

Comparative Negligence Law – This is a tort rule where damages are allocated when both parties are at fault for the accident in a case of auto accidents or personal injuries like premises liability. These damages are typically allocated on a percentage basis. The comparative negligence percentage is different from state to state.

Civil Lawsuit – A civil lawsuit is a lawsuit that is not based on criminal statutes. Unlike criminal status where someone goes to jail as a consequence of breaking the law, in a civil lawsuit the victim recovers financial compensation is awarded for damages. Popular civil suits are auto accidents and contract disputes.

Tort Law – Tort law is laws focused on civil wrongdoing. Cases such as truck accidents and personal injuries are considered tort cases. In tort, the party looking for recovery is known as the plaintiff while the party being accused of wrongdoing is the defendant.



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